Synopsis: During a UFO interception by Sky One, an experimental test plane crashes because it was too close to the explosion. The co-pilot is killed, but pilot Paul Foster survives. He tries to convince his boss and an investigator that he saw a UFO, but the evidence doesn't back up his story. He begins to investigate what he believes to be a cover up, aided by the sister of the dead co-pilot. His investigation leads him to Commander Straker, who agrees to meet with him. Will Foster have to be killed for knowing too much? [Spoiler]

Writer: Tony Barwick.
Director: David Lane.
Guest Cast: Jean Marsh as Janna Wade.

Featured Characters: Foster, Straker, Freeman, Jackson.
Featured Hardware: Sky One, Fosters test plane, SHADO Jet.

Review: This is a pretty good episode, with a good investigative feel to it and good pacing. Grade: B

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